Lyrics and Chords


I began writing songs after picking up guitar in my early teens. Songs have been a way for me to make sense of the world and my place in it. Lyrics come to me intuitively, accompanied by a melodic idea. Then the work begins, usually at the kitchen table with paper, pen, guitar. In the process I’ve learned many things, like – it’s easy to begin a hundred ideas, but it takes grit and a willingness to follow where the song wants to go in finishing it. My songs tend to have layers of meaning in the words, the metaphorical mind in action. I like listening to songs that I don’t totally get the first time, but need to come back to again and again. At my best, I write songs like that.

After decades of writing, recording, and performing, I have a rich repertoire of original songs: love songs, story ballads, songs of inspiration, songs for social change.  I value the poetic spirit, words that connect and take the listener on a journey.  Here are some lyrics and chords, yours to upload.

Among Humans