#1   For Jimmy Greene

To hear you’ve gone my friend three months ago

On bed of pain down road where beach stones cry

I feel like one who stands where yarrow grows

With feet on rock while burning ship sails by


Sorrow anchor sorrow deep inside my soul

A wind that grinds the rocks upon the shore

While circling crows steal sunset of her gold

And Chaos turns the tears from out my store


Not so in what was to be our last hour

We sat at table, curtained kitchen window

Took down guitar from nail, played “Wildwood Flower”

Then shook our many laughs by willow windrow


Deep mystery of life – to never know

The final moment shared before we go


#2     The Wind, the Wave, the Moon

the space between the fingers of your hand

as they reach out for sky within these walls

becomes a world alive to your command

where in your waking dream the water falls


and could the world dismiss a revelation

it still would come downpouring in the wind

and could you speak a long lost desperation

it would alight the fire under skin


come love!  stroke the velvet morning

renew the glance that caused a thousand rains

repeat the fondest wish that cried a warning

to all the lovers lost and love still gained


unleashed, alone, the wind, the wave, the moon

tomorrow and tomorrow cradle love till noon